Can yourself overcome it by you?

by rabeenn

Do not laugh

To me
Do not start laughing.
Whenever you see the smile
It becomes lonely.
It becomes painful.
Here is not seen.
The smile
It was turned by her the encounter.
The smile
I do not want to see.
In front of me
Do not laugh.

To you
It doesn't understand.
At a dash
It goes out.
The smile

In front of me
Do not show it.
# by rabeenn | 2008-09-20 18:13

I who is the worst

f0184818_23584236.jpgAnything : you to me.
It had not done.
I am a woman who doesn't notice and is the lowest though I should
have really valued it. I wanted to kiss about once.
There was nothing though it had associated for as many as two months,
too and it was terrible and lonely. It only had to kiss from me if
separating however early It only had to go positively.
However, it was not understood that you seemed and it was gutless.

I want to meet you.
You are missed.
You were my support.

It is not such of hope.
However, when it is good when putting it by the side
In being able the desire, you are the first time.
It is not myself the current. It is beside of you.
I want to become your support.
# by rabeenn | 2008-09-14 23:25

I want to become a rose.

He already :
Though it is necessary to have given up
It notices by chance
I want to speak with him
I want to touch him
I want to become his special existence

However, an impossible thing already
To him already
The hand doesn't reach
Very even if you think
Even if nice
Even if it is liked
At any cost
It has not obtained any longer

To he the next
A beautiful new flower
Because it draws close

Therefore, I
I want the thorn that can be attacked
From what kind of flower
I want to be beautifully and gracefully
Therefore, I
I want to become a rose
And, again
To he the next
I want to be quietly drawing closef0184818_1017396.jpg
# by rabeenn | 2008-09-12 05:50